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The COLEDER LED display witnessed great reforms at the National Museum of China

The “great revolution – a large exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up” was officially opened on November 13 in the National Museum of China, where Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders stepped into the exhibition hall for visit at 4:00 PM. Through artistic appearances and outstanding functions, the LED displays of COLEDER supported this exhibition to fully show the 40-year historic achievements and revolutions gained by China and our Party since the reform and opening-up, especially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC. 

Once into the exhibition hall, people seemed to stay in the time tunnel with 40 eventful years of memories. The pictures, literatures, historic leap-over of economic and social development, dramatic changes of people’s life……were presented on COLEDER’s HD displays to show the shocking history. With high gray scale of 16-bit and ultrahigh contrast ratio of 25000:1, our LED displays distinctly restored these years of dramatic changes since the reform and opening-up, proving the eye-catching achievements to the world.  
As China’s second revolution, the reform and opening-up introduced the profound changes to China, and also the in-depth influence to the world! As the leading provider for LED display products and solutions in this industry, COLEDER has insisted on the operating concept of “superlative concentration, with focus on perfection” to emphasize the fine pitch products, and created many excellent cases worldwide through its outstanding products and quality services. In the future, COLEDER will continue to focus on LED displays and their solutions and make every effort for constant development and progress, so as to bring the clients with superior products and considerate services.