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Product Promotion Event in Tianjin: Close Attention on Coleder’s Industrial Solution

The command center, as the backstage hero for urban development, plays a crucial role in managing the operations, commanding the emergences, and sending the orders for a series of important projects, such as Skynet Project, Project Dazzling Snow, and Safe City. Along with fast development of the information-oriented era, people comprehensively enjoy the cloud computing and big data, but they are also inevitable to suffer from the “hit” of massive information. Therefore, effectively collecting, handling, and using such massive information become a key problem to be solved. 


Coleder’s 2019 Product Promotion Event in Tianjin was officially opened on April 12, which with a theme of “Wonderful Coleder & Focus on Perfection” provided an in-depth analysis on current industrial trend and business form, and also made a presentation to introduce our all-series products and all-round industrial solutions for the guests onsite. 

In the event, Mr. Han Leng, GM for Coleder’s Marketing in China, addressed a speech and introduced our development history, strategy, and typical project cases in kinds of application fields, making the guests better learn about our influence and competitiveness in this industry to witness our strength. 

In order to make people of all fields better know about the advantages of LED screen and provide them with visual experience on the integration of such screen and visualized solution, Mr. Dang Zhifeng, GM of Coleder’s Tianjin Office, comprehensively presented our innovative achievements of recent years in public security, traffic, energy, information orientation, water conservancy, environmental protection authority, chemical engineering, and other fields. He also profoundly shared our project cases. 

Case Presentation


Energy Industry – CNPC Project

Online Meeting & Monitoring & Command Project at CNPC Head Office has adopted the ACE BLOCK Series A2.5 – indoor fine-pitch screen. It only took 72 hours for installation and debugging of the whole project with a total area of 110 square meters. The latest curved splice design of this industry has been used for smooth transition of the curved screens to avoid the line made by folding and seam made by splicing, which cannot be solved by traditional or other technologies. This has improved the efficiency of command, dispatch, and meeting. The project adopts fine-pitch screens of the maximum radian able to be applied in the energy industry. 


Product Profile

ACE BLOCK Series has won various patents for invention and utility model, Germany’s IF Design Award, and also other prizes. Such product maturely takes advantage of the world’s ground-breaking cable-free technology to reduce the usage of wire rod, and its signals are more stable and reliable. Featuring in front-installation, front-maintenance, as well as dual backup of the signal and power makes this product meet the demands for special spaces and purposes. ACE BLOCK Series is also equipped with supporting structures for different spaces, like orthogonal, curved, pillar-shaped, and rounded screens.