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Curved type Ace Block is widely used in smart security display field

A few days ago, a control room in Singapore purchased a large number of Ace Block A1.5 series curved led display, which can easily achieve curved + straight screen stitching. With a wide viewing angle, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 160 degree and 140 degree, respectively, and the viewer can see the screen display at any position in the space clearly.

The Coleder Curved type Ace Block is the world's first module-based curved led screen. The indoor installation screen has a small diameter. Per projects' requests, Ace Block panel's concave rating covers 0 to 6 degrees resulting in flexible installations at jobsites. At the same time, the whole screen transition is smooth, and the flatness of the display surface is controlled within +/-0.1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, and the display dead angle caused by local protrusion or recession is avoided.

Curved type Ace Block adopts wireless connection, and there is no need to connect cables between the screens, supports front and rear maintenance, which saves installation space and time. At the same time, it supports power and data backup, providing double protection, and is widely used in security monitoring and TV stations, exhibition display, energy, public safety, education and other fields.