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The Road Ready helps the Coop conference to be held successfully

The Coop Group Annual Meeting of the UK was successfully held in Manchester. The conference used the Road Ready series R2.9, which is exclusively provided by Coleder. The project combines with the @Brompton system to more perfectly show the display effect, the image processing is more clear, and the large screen is super clear and seamlessly stitched, which is necessary to ensure the success of the election of the board members meeting.

Founded in 1863, the Coop Group is the fifth largest supermarket in the UK for retail consumer goods. The Group is very satisfied with the products and services provided by Coleder. The disassembly and installation process of the project is very fast, and cable-free with instant charging functions makes the whole work easier and more convenient, and more secure and stable, greatly reducing the manual operation time and time cost.

(The image from the network)

The Coleder Road Ready series also serves various projects such as the Gala Spa Awards in Germany, Shanghai Haval Auto Show, IMEX in the US and the Hyundai Press Conference on CES. It receives many praises from customers for "Disassembly and assembly speed", "less time-consuming", "easy to maintain", "stable and reliable structure", "convenient and fast"

(Shanghai Haval Auto Show)

As a veteran manufacturer with 17 years of LED display production and application experience, The Coleder has always adhered to "Customer-centric" and is committed to providing customers with more convenient and cost-effective products and application solutions.