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AceBlock won the highly praised of ISU biological laboratory

Coleder the AceBLock A1.5 ultra HD led display was settled in the biological laboratory of Idaho State University in the United States and received high praise from customers. This screen is mainly used to play biological anatomy images, and has high requirements on the clarity and color reproduction of the display.AceBlock series NPP direct view led display is the main product of Coleder.

This product has won a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and has also won the German IF Design Award. This product is the first innovative wireless connection small-pitch product. The wireless connection can reduce the connection of wires, which is safer to use and the signal is more stable. The dual backup design of the product's signal power supply highly guarantees the stability of field use; Fore maintenance and fore installation can meet the needs of different spaces restrict and use particularities.

At present, AceBlock series supporting structural applications, such as wall-mounted installation, 0-6 degree arc, and other space-restricted structures, are used to meet customers' various actual needs.