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COLEDER Curved Screen Contributes to the Smart Countryside

During a long-time development, the rural agricultural accumulated data have three main problems include long history, large base, and diversified types. There is always the same problem such as chaos databases, lack of core data, low data quality, insufficient sharing and openness, and insufficient development and utilization, which cannot meet the demand of the countryside agricultural development. As the acceleration of rural network infrastructure construction and the rapid numerical growth of Internet users, as well as the rapid development of new-generation information technologies such as CMNET, cloud computing, and big data. The development of big data in agriculture and rural area has ushered in major opportunities Agricultural and rural big data has become a new resource element of modern agriculture and it is also an urgent element to solve the development problem of agriculture.

Center integrates the application to display and command dispatching. The main construction contents include agricultural and rural dispatching command center equipment, supporting facility application display in the agricultural and rural big data area and so on. Accesses real-time agricultural monitoring data comprehensively displays various types of monitoring data related to agriculture and obtains graphical information directly , According to those, then conducts video consultation or to make an emergency command, which can realize a variety levels video conference, manage and serve the whole province's agricultural and rural information construction Effectively responded to and deal with to sudden major disasters, an full display the agricultural and rural information construction achievements in the whole province. The main construction content is equipment for the agricultural,rural dispatching command center, and supporting equipment for the agricultural and rural big data application display area.

The large LED display screen serves as an important information output window. It carries the real-time display of all information data of the command center field. to realize the large-scale real-time and dynamic digital jumping display of the command center, we need to reach extremely high requirements on color and flatness; only to ensure stable operation of the product then we can keep continuous information display; for facilitating installation and maintenance, to install more than 50 flat large curved screens require thin and light product structures. In the end, ACE BLOCK A1.875 curved type as the significant product of the Coleder, gained unanimous recognition by virtue innovative technology and excellent design concept.

I. The Birth of ACE BLOCK Led Display-Design Concept

The ACE BLOCK Led Display series design mainly solves the core pain points such as tedious installation, debugging, and stable display of the user terminal during use. The design scheme is derived from the distinct shape of the "ice cube", with a clear body and tough shape that reflects the strong functional attributes of the product and reliable quality assurance.

II, ACE BLOCK LED Video Wall Technology and Design Innovation

1.Innovative wireless concept design, authoritative certification is more stable than plug-in connection, so it has become the industry's first successful application of wireless technology. The ultra-thin cabinet adds a front maintenance design concept to make maintenance convenient. The overall is very tidy, compared to traditional products, it saves the largest rear space and saves 80% of the installation space.

2、 The world's first module-based curved screen. The indoor installation diameter is small, and the single module curve design can meet any arc stitching between 0 ° -6 ° according to the specific needs of the project, which is widely used in installations of different sizes of space.

III, The characteristics of ACE BLOCK: High definition, stable

1.This screen display has the characteristics of super-high refresh rate, stable picture, low brightness and high gray scale, a high degree of reduction, and uniform color; And it can achieve the accurate analysis of HDR standard film source, restore the real picture, delicate color, dynamic Real, perfect display, value upgrading.

2.The power supply signal and full-screen dual-link backup function of the entire screen realize automatic detection switching to ensure stable operation.

At present, big data is rapidly developing into a new generation of information technology and service formats that discover new knowledge, create new value, and enhance new capabilities. It has become the country's basic strategic resource and is becoming a new driving force for economic transformation and development. COLEDER has long adhered to R&D and technological innovation, adhering to the customer-centered philosophy, constantly strengthening the company's own cultural construction, always firmly grasping the quality barrier, and repeatedly undertaking various government projects, and has been recognized by customers.