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Warmly welcome to Coleder ISE Booth 12-K62

 Coleder European Sales Team warmly invite you to be the professional audiovisual integrated equipment exhibition ISE on the Center in Amsterdamthe Netherlands on February 11-14, 2020!

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. We are hopeful to present good production for you all!

>>Main Exhibits

  • AceBlock Mini Led 4-in-1
  1. Adopting big lamp beads to enhance the adhesion force, it is not easy to fall off and break;

  2. Highly integrated 4-in-1 miniature LED packaging technology;

  3. Professional display technology;

  4. More solid full screen ruggedness;

  • AceWall S Series
  1. Supporting plug and play; Ultra slim and light weight; Sensitive Multi-touch functions;

  2. Adapting HD 1080P resolution; Wireless voting screen;

  3. With ultra long usage life; 16:9 Ratio design creative front-access; 

  • AceBlock Module Cable Free Connection
  1. Integrated connection increases success rate effectively;

  2. Assist module positioning to increase module accuracy;

  3. Improve the flatness of the whole screen;

  • AceBlock Series

     Front installation In addition to front maintenance capability, Ace Block series features industry-leading front installation-design, facilitating installation without back space required.

Cable-free connection Ace Block series is free from jumper cables for power or data connection, which helps save time in installation as well as makes the entire display look neat and clean.

Double Backup Ace Block series is designed with both power and data backup to ensure uninterrupted operation, which is essential and important for many application scenarios.


  • RoadReady Series

Road Ready is mainly used for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundation, started opening, promotion and other activities, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment and special effects equipment rental places.

  • Eco+Edge Series

Cable free connection, fastest installation dual connections, ultimate flexibility during installation; Cablesless and less failure-points net and clean look;



Looking forward to Coleder booth display.
Going to this "audiovisual feast".
February 11-14, 2020.
Amsterdam Convention and Exhibition Center,
booth No 12-K62
the Vip code is 380128.