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Coleder Led Display Settled in Memphis Grizzlies locker room

The Memphis Grizzlies are one of the 30 teams in the NBA. They entered the NBA in 1996 and are a well-known team loved by fans around the world. Recently, Coleder provided a 4K ultra high definition with our major star  AceBlock 0.9mm in their player's locker room.

  • Grizzlies Home Court

AceBlock has a variety of advantages as following: Front installation; 4K ultra clear resolution; Cable-free connection as well as Dual backup; It's perfect for the fine pitch led display in Memphis grizzlies locker room.

  • It's the picture on site for the front installation, and a restore of the last module.

  • The basketball game is on broadcasting in the Grizzlies Home Court locker room

  • Arena Senior Vice President (right)

Coleder will continue to providing professional fine pitch led display products and solutions to customers worldwide.


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