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COLEDER in InfoComm USA 2018: How to Realize High Luminance & Energy Conservation Solution?

Being the US’s biggest exhibition with the greatest influence showcasing the latest professional audiovisual and experiential communication innovations across a broad spectrum of industries, the InfoComm USA 2018 from June 6 to 8 has attracted numerous excellent exhibitors from countries and regions worldwide, where COLEDER as the famous brand in this industry showed its fine pitch LED products -- ACE BLOCK Series, HD Rental EDGE Series E1.9, and Road Ready Series R2.6. 

High Luminance & Energy Conservation Solution under the Common Cathode Driven Framework

COLEDER’s high luminance & energy conservation solution with leading innovative concept and technical advantage became the focus of the whole exhibition, drawing much attention of visitors and industrial specialists for experience at our booth. We made the comparative presentation and test onsite in respect of common cathode based and ordinary cabinets, showing that luminance of the former reached a level of over 1,500 to 2,000 NIT and had 30% power consumption lower than that of traditional solution under the same panel temperature, which effectively solved the problem that traditional fine pitch displays cannot be applied to the half-outdoor, hall, large meeting room, and other high-luminance environments due to the weak luminance and high power consumption. It is an innovative solution for HIGH LUMINANCE & ENERGY CONSERVATION! Thanks to the unique selling points and competitive advantages, strong interest was aroused from a large number of visitors for negotiation with us. COLEDER’s solutions sparked the InfoComm onsite. 

97% of LED light Spoilage Reduced by Three-side Edge Protection Design

Besides the aforesaid solution, ceremonious presentation of the EDGE1.9 also drew close attention of the mass, surprising people in the InfoComm. Thanks to the all-round integrated edge protector and automatic protection mechanism, the EDGE Series can offer comprehensive protections from the transportation to assembly, removing the technical difficulty that LED lights of fine pitch Rental product may be easily damaged. Such spoilage can be reduced by 97% due to the EDGE Series’ protection for the left & right edges and also three sides below. Numerous visitors in the exhibition carefully listened to our explanation on product performance, as COLEDER’s products and technologies were highly appreciated. In addition, our Road Ready Series R2.6 by its optimized plug-in function and 3-in-1 integrated back of power supply, receiving card and hub board also widely won the praise of clients. 

Our success in the InfoComm USA 2018 has been greatly supported and accepted by our new and old clients. In the future, COLEDER will insist on its principle to explore the in-depth demand of clients and achieve an insight into the user experience for improving products and services!