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COLEDER with All Series of Display Products in ISR 2018 – Cutting-edge Technologies as the Focus

Since October 24, the 3-day event “Integrated Systems Russia (ISR) 2018” has been grandly held in Moscow Expocentre Exhibition Center. As the biggest video & audio exhibition in Russia, the ISR this year is the same as previous sessions to draw wide attention from the world’s video & audio field and market participants. COLEDER with its ACE BLOCK Series, EDGE 1.9, and ROAD READY3.9 surprises the ISR and wins the praise of numerous exhibitors, buyers, and professionals by powerful technical strength and solid product quality. 


Three Major Innovations to Lead the Industrial Trend 

ACE BLOCK – Classic among the Top Products
In the ISR, COLEDER with its innovative ACE BLOCK Series becomes one of the highlights. The unique cable-free connection technology guarantees a simple and clean appearance of the product, and meanwhile, it effectively removes the key difficulties of traditional display screen, like instable display in installation and debugging, to reduce the failure rate; display surface flatness within ± 1mm ensures that the display image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed; support for 4K HDR display enables color and grayscale better than common screens; the single panel can be adjusted to a curve of 3° to 6° for installation in different spaces; various installation modes and applications, like inward curved cabinet of module level, screens covering the pillar, and fine-pitch orthogonal screen, can meet the demands of clients in different industries and fields; the true front-maintenance greatly saves the space and device for installation. Numerous visitors stop at our booth and watch our products with their praise: “just amazing as the classic among the top products”. 


LED Lamp Spoilage: 80%? EDGE 1.9 Offers the All-round Edge Protection 
What surprise people do not only include the ACE BLOCK, but also the EDGE Series, and the latter sparked the visitors once it is showed in the ISR. In terms of traditional display screens without edge protection, 80% of the lamps’ damage is caused during carriage, loading, and unloading. How to solve such problem for LED lamps at the edges of high-end rental displays – COLEDER’s EDGE1.9 offers the perfect solution. Comprehensive edge protection and automatically invisible cover without additional operation are convenient for transportation and fast installation. Thanks to its panel design ratio of 8:9, it is easier to split joint a display size of 16:9, which can solve the problem for clients and but also meet their different demands. 


ROAD READY – LED Display with the Fastest Installation in the History 
The fast installation and dismounting as features of Road Ready Series have always been discussed in the industry, and the whole-course of dismounting, installation, and lightening only takes 2.8 seconds, making it as the “LED display with the fastest dismounting & installation speed in the history”. It realizes the 3-in-1 integrated back of power supply, receiving card and hub board to remarkably optimize its plug-in function, but also wins the praise of clients by its cable-free connection and seamless splice. Many clients said: “I like this product”!  

COLEDER through the ISR shows its unique innovations and featured LED displays for many foreign clients, and also expands more cooperative opportunities. Our sales explain the products to visitors in details and impress them with our cutting-edge technologies. COLEDER always plays a role of pioneer to lead the technical tread in the LED industry, and we will have better performance in the future!