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NAB 2019丨Much Attention On Coleder’s Ground-breaking Technology

NAB Show, as one of the most famous exhibitions in the e-media field globally, has gathered the world’s top brands, with big scale, strong professional orientation, and huge international influence, which had attracted over 1,700 exhibitors from over 160 countries and over 100,000 visitors in 2019, being the most successful feast since 2014. 


The 4-day NAB Show was officially opened in Las Vegas Convention Center on April 8 (local time), in which Coleder showed its innovative products and technical solutions. Besides the ACE BLOCK Series and EDGE Series favored by overseas clients, Coleder also showed the latest products, like ACE WALL-S, ACE WALL-M, and 4-in-1 mini-LED, drawing much attention from the clients globally. 


Launched New Products Facing No Strong Challenger


Cable-free & Ultrathin ACE WALL-S

ACE BLOCK-S is an ultrathin screen for meetings with a thickness of only 47 mm. It is designed for hidden built-in cables, making the appearance elegant and decent. The front-installation with no need for disassembly saves time and space. The whole solution features in wide visual angle, low luminance, high grayscale, high refresh rate, distinct and real image display, ultra-light weight, ultrathin thickness, noiselessness, etc., which better meets the high requirements of all industries in the meeting. Once it was exhibited in the show, it was preferred and praised by many clients, and numerous people for visiting and consulting rushed to our booth. 


4-in-1 mini-LED Supported by Nanometer-level Protection Technology 

This innovative 4-in-1 mini-LED is the latest product adopting nanometer-level protection technology researched and developed by Coleder. Its super-strong capability against bump, moisture, salinity, and static can effectively reduce the spoilage to lower than 1 PPM. The special design can make the screen not reflect the light and realize a high absolute-black contrast ratio. Design of the packaging structure and favorable performance of the impermeability can avoid the abnormal display. In the show, Coleder offered the outstanding visual effect of fine pitch screens in a visual, three-dimensional, and all-round manner and through the ultrahigh resolution overlapping display technology of the 4-in-1 mini-LED. 


Being Famous in Overseas Markets by Outstanding Products


The Most Reliable Edge Protection Screen – EDGE Series 

EDGE Series is a kind of high-end rental product aiming at overseas markets. Due to its panel with a golden ratio of 8:9, it is easier to splice a display screen with a ratio of 16:9, which can realize the standard resolution ratio and point-to-point HD display to create the ultra-wide view for audience. Without additional operation, the most reliable edge protection can automatically hide the cover for flexible and diverse installation modes, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance, and can meet different demands of the rental market. 


Applicable to Various Situations


Curved Screen

When the fine pitch screens are used for indoor installation, the space is limited, and in order to provide a better spliced screen, Coleder especially changes the product structure into a single panel for inward-curve-based splice. Our curved ACE BLOCK screen has a panel size of 600*337.5 mm, and such panel for indoor installation is small in diameter, so that to realize a smooth transition of the whole screen. The single panel can be adjusted to a curve of 3° to 6°. Up to now, there is no competitor able to provide a solution with a diameter of less than 5 m for the curved panel. 


ACE BLOCK Series – Orthogonal Screen

It is a front-maintenance fine-pitch LED screen supported by application of the 90° orthogonal splice, which can solve the display at wall corners with small seam and satisfactory effect. The panel is ultrathin with a thickness of only 57 mm to save more installation spaces, which supports the front-installation, back-installation and hoisting-installation to meet kinds of modes. Heat dissipation of the metal, noiselessness, low power consumption, and ultra-long service life can meet the demands of different clients in various fields. 

Through this show, Coleder gained favorable achievements, making the clients better learn about our products. In the future, Coleder will take advantage of its continuous innovation sources and profound R&D accumulations to closely follow up the application demands of the market, constantly improve the old products, and launch new ones, for thanking the clients with our best solutions and contributing to the industrial development with our values.