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COLEDER Sparking the InfoComm China

COLEDER with Fine-pitch ACE BLOCK Surprising the “Summit Forum”, praised by industrial experts

Being China’s most authoritative exhibition with the greatest influence showcasing the latest professional audiovisual and experiential communication innovations across a broad spectrum of industries, InfoComm China this year has attracted over 340 exhibitors around the world, top audiovisual professionals and numerous terminal clients, in which COLEDER, as the LED industry’s first-class brand invited by the organizer to offer two fine-pitch LED screens for the “Summit Forum”, drew close attention from professionals highly praising the outstanding performance of fine-pitch ACE BLCOK due to its UHD display, seamless splicing, wireless connection, zero noise and other advantages. 



“Smart City” Supported by Big Data Visualized Divisional Display

Widely applied in meetings, monitoring centers and command rooms for public security, national & governmental organizations, traffic, finance, education and various fields due to the amazing capability of simultaneously showing multiple frames of the information’s integration, display, analysis, and monitoring supported by software operations, COLEDER’s fine-pitch ACE BLOCK featuring in excellent function for the big data display perfectly showed the large-size and multi-screen scenarios of oversized resolution ratio. 




CHARMING! WINSOME!! -- Yes, the Full Screen

COLEDER’s fine-pitch ACE BLOCK with its large-size screen realizing a resolution ratio of 17280*2700 offered the stirring visual feast for visitors in the Infocomm China -- unique video “show” by COLEDER: LIVELY! SURPRISING!! SUPER COOL!!!



Live Broadcast of Mobile Games -- Making Friends via COLEDER’s Funny “Screen” 

A ground-breaking live broadcast was held onsite for the mobile games, gathering visitors to watch the exciting combat through COLEDER “screens”, and everyone here enjoyed the wonderful time and sweet gifts. INTERESTING!


Although the three-day Infocomm China in 2018 successfully ended where COLEDER’s splendid product presentations answering to demands of nearly a thousand visitors, COLEDER by its full enthusiasm and professional service still affects the clients who received the considerate counseling and experience onsite.  


Met COLEDER here in 2018!

See us “AGAIN” at Booth EC7-01, InfoComm China, Beijing in 2019!!