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COLEDER in NAB: R&D and Innovation Creating High-class Show

Having ceremoniously inaugurated in Las Vegas Convention Center, the 2018 NAB Show will last for four days from April 9 to 12 in the US, where COLEDER exhibits its latest and inspiring HD Rental EDGE Series product E1.9 and small-pitch LED ACE BLOCK Series. 



Thanks to the all-round integrated edge protector and automatic protection mechanism, the EDGE Series can offer comprehensive protection from the transportation to assembly, which solve the technical difficulty that LED lights of small-pitch Rental products may be easily damaged. Such spoilage can be reduced by 97 percent due to the EDGE Series’ protection for the left & right edges and also three sides below, with automatically invisible cover and edge protection device for fast replacement, which can offer the safest assembly protection in the industry. 



With its sales volume always in the leading role, the ACE BLOCK Series, which have won the Germany’s IF Design Award, are praised as “the best fine pitch products” by terminal clients. 



In the exhibition, the ground-breaking functions and product designs of HD Rental EDGE1.9 and small-pitch ACE BLOCK draw the visitors’ attention. Being interested in the product application’s show and experience onsite, some become COLEDER’s new clients, who have even immediately determined the demands and placed the orders after learning about each function of these products in detail. 



It is also the first launch for EDGE Series in the US, and allows more people to understand the unique and excellent EDGE Series and small-pitch ACE BLOCK during the show, laying a solid foundation for COLEDER to step in the international market.