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COLEDER In ISE 2018: Much Attention On EDGE1.9 For Innovative Solution

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world´s largest professional AV and systems integration show attracting the greatest number of global visitors, is launched in the Netherland recently. As the most powerful exhibition of the highest class in the AV field for projectors and large screens worldwide, this annual 4-day event takes place in Amsterdam from 6 to 9 February, dedicating itself to offering an audiovisual feast mixed with amazing lights and shadows, in which COLEDER launches the EDGE1.9, visually showing its performance for the participants. 



As COLEDER’s latest HD LED panel for rental market, EDGE1.9 successfully surprises many exhibitors and also the visitors in the show. Thanks to its panel of 8:9 aspect ratio, only 32 panels arranging in 8x4 array are needed to form a screen of 1,080p, with a 16x8 array for 4K and 32x16 ones for 8K. By taking advantage of adopted unique design of the EDGE, panels can be guaranteed to perfectly align along the X, Y and Z directions for the whole seamless screen. The 1mm edge protection brings in 97 percent less damage of LED lamps. Featured in several key breakthroughs regarding to technologies and R&D of HD rental LED display products, EDGE1.9 comprehensively shows the powerful strength of COLEDER R&D Team, which attracts many distinguished guests to discuss with our staff for further knowledge about this product. 



Having demonstrated the field installation of EDGE1.9 to visitors in ISE, we only take 9 seconds for disassembly, installation, and lightening the LED lamps, making people learn more on EDGE1.9. It is a rental LED display with the fastest speed for disassembly and installation they have ever seen, according to many clients. 



In order to help clients deal with emergencies onsite possibly occurred in all kinds of occasions, COLEDER always improves the products by accelerating the installation speed and reducing panels set-up time, which also offers better service for clients with fast maintenance, switchable modules and power supply control box. 


A Decade For Improving High-Quality LED Products To Win Clients

Along with constantly developing and strengthening rental market for LED display, the demands for indoor HD rental LED displays become increasingly strong, and indoor LED panels of medium & small pitches also draw more attention in this market. The pitches of most indoor LED panels for rental usually range from 2.6 to 3.9, but COLEDER has HD rental LED product for 1.9 to meet the clients’ demand. 

Two years of market expansion make COLEDER take its place in overseas rental market. We will carry out consecutive innovation and upgrading of technologies in the future, but also continuously improve the services to offer better LED products.