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ACEBLOCK serves the National Intellectual Property International Operation Experimental Platform

International Operating (Shanghai) Pilot Platform of the State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform on April 22 was successfully checked and accepted by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC. During this process, acceptance check team of the aforesaid Administration carried out the site visit for checking the site construction, demonstration of the information-oriented operation system, and other circumstances of the platform. The team also listened to the overall report about platform building. As a leading supplier for LED application products and integrated solutions, Coleder strongly provided the technical support. 



In order to guarantee safe and stable operation of the display screen and its supporting systems, and provide a perfect service warranty for this meeting, Coleder made every effort to create the LED display system for this intelligent command center, enabling it equipped with the most advanced large-size display & control system, which has adopted the integrated technologies of ultrahigh-resolution seamless display, multiple-screen image processing, signal linkage, and visualized intelligent display & control. 


Located in Pudong International Talent Hub, this platform has already been put into formal operation. Going to feature in internationalization, market orientation, and professionalization in the future, it will build up an important intellectual property trading center based in Shanghai to serve China and connect with the world, which will also realize the trading service, financial innovation, overseas deployment & legal rights safeguarding of the intellectual property.