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Ace Block LED Display shining in CPSE 2019

October 28~ 31, the most significant of global security Expo with the theme of “Great Security, Big Data, and Big Industry” (hereafter call it shortly as 2019 CPSE) has been held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.The exhibition scope includes various types of security technology prevention products, solutions and public safety products such as intelligent monitoring display, smart city, smart home, Beidou navigation, and entrance and exit control.




Coleder and mediacomm  (seat collaboration management program)  participated in this security exhibition Fair too. Coleder sponsors the Ace Block series of ultra-clear seamless full-color large screens, which have obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents.The dual backup feature of the signal power supply can effectively ensure the working safety and stability of led screen.



Focusing on intelligent indoor LED fine pitch display, Coleder has served many  and various military screens, such as the 70th anniversary of the anti-fascist war, the 7th World Military Games, and many other projects. The real "fine pitch led display for military parade". In addition, the fine pitch of Coleder is also used in public security projects such as a subway monitoring room in Algeria and a control room in Singapore.


The global security industry is developing rapidly. In recent years, the global smart security market has maintained an annual growth rate of 15%.



LED displays play an irreplaceable role in the mutual assistance of various fields. In the future, under the development of 5G, the development and application of 8K and 16K ultra-clear large-screen displays will be accelerated to provide clearer and more intuitive display interface for serveilliance, visual data display, military drills, big data analysis.