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Curved type Ace Block helps Indian enterprise video conference

A few days ago, a company in Bangalore, India, purchased the large-screen curved type Ace Block of the Coleder A1.5 series and installed it inside its company. The ultra HD full-color seamless led large screen, externally of the enterprise, undertakes the role of meeting the guests and business partners, corporate promotion, product and service display, etc., Internally to meet the needs of enterprises and employees emotional communication, business negotiations.

Coleder integrates LED ultra HD seamless display technology with video conferencing system. With the combination of seamless and ultra-clear display terminals, audio and video image documents, and flexible and mobile segmentation combined screens, the spirit of the conference is ensured. To ensure the rapid and secure communication, execution, and feedback of the spirit and purpose of the meeting to ensure the organization's efficient collaboration.


The A1.5 series Curved Type Ace Block provided by Coleder is the world's first module-based curved screen. The indoor installation diameter is small, and the single-box curved design can meet any arc-shaped splicing between 0° and 6° according to the specific needs of the project, and is widely used in installation of different size spaces. On the other hand, the series of LED display screens have the characteristics of dual redundant backup of power signals, ensuring the security and stability of the display, and maximally satisfying the needs of remote video conferencing and data aggregation analysis of customers.

As a professional LED display product and solution provider, for 17 years, Coleder has always adhered to the "customer-centric, struggle-oriented". Strictly control product quality levels and deepen the reform of the service system. The Ace Block led display produced have won many important awards at home and abroad such as the IF Design Award and the Design Award 2017 Award.


Ace Block series led display is widely used in corporate publicity, business meetings, security monitoring, command centers, as well as  other high-end areas of network video conferencing, collaborative office, online training, distance education and other aspects of smart display.

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